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Reference Intervals for Plasma Free Kappa and Lambda Chains and Kappa/Lambda Ratio using PENIA by Niclas Rollborn, Kim Kultima, Anders Larsson

Background: Determination of free light chains is used increasingly for patients with multiple myeloma and other plasma cell dyscrasias. The aim of the present study was to define reference intervals for free kappa and lambda chains and kappa/lambda ratio in lithium heparin plasma and compare the test results with cystatin C based estimated glomerular filtration rate.
Methods: Free kappa and lambda chains were measured in Liheparin plasma from 222 healthy blood donors using free light chain reagents and a BNII nephelometer from Siemens Diagnostics.
Results: Calculated reference intervals for kappa chain, free was 4.73 mg/L (90% confidence interval 4.00 - 5.45) - 22.66 mg/L (20.33 - 24.98), for lambda chain, free was 4.33 mg/L (3.70 - 4.95) - 29.28 mg/L (26.96 - 31.59), and for Kappa/Lambda Chain ratio 0.59 (0.56 - 0.62) - 1.46 (1.37 - 1.56). There was no need for gender or age specific reference intervals. Cystatin C based estimated glomerular filtration rate had a significant effect on the levels of free light chains.
Conclusions: The study presents reference intervals for plasma free light chains and compared results of estimated glomerular filtration rate with free light chains of kappa and lambda.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2023.230109