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The Clinical Significance Comparison of a Latex Agglutination Based Syphilis Screening Test at Low Antibody Titer by Hua-Cheng Wang, Cha Chen, Li-Na Wang, Yi-Fei Long, Wei-Zheng Zhang, You-Qiang Li, Qian Xiao, Hui Yuan

The rapid increase of syphilis underscores a tremendous need to carefully evaluate many new serological tests for syphilis and choose efficient and economical strategies for syphilis screening, especially in the case of primary infection with low antibody titer. Between 2011 and 2012, 73 patients’ sera samples were included in this retrospective study. They were either TRUST or TPPA reactive, either LA (latex agglutination) based auto3 TP or CLIA (chemiluminescence assay) based Architect Syphilis TP assay reactive. The contradictory weak response samples were further examined by FTA-Abs method. TPPA could not give reactive results in samples with antibody concentration less than 10 mIU. Auto3 TP reagent shows good linearity at low antibody titers and was more sensitive than TPPA, while the former does not show significant superiority compared to the Architect Syphilis TP assay at low antibody titer, except that it is suitable for adaptation on diverse automated chemistry analyzers.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2013.130213