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Application and Development of Review Criteria on Sysmex XT-2100 in Chinese at a Large Third-Grade Class-A Hospital by Jiaxin Yue, Yulong Cong, Chengbin Wang, Junlong Ma, Xiaojing Ma, Yating Lan, Daijun Xiang

Background: Hematology analysis is an essential component of patient assessment and used in screening, diagnosis, and the planning of care. The objective of the study was to find out the suitable hematology review criteria for large scale general hospitals in China via the analysis of experimental data from Sysmex XE-2100 hematology analyzer.
Methods: A total 1486 blood samples were detected with the Sysmes XE-2100. Based on hematology review criteria suggested by international consensus group and a positive smear finding new optimal review rules were determined.
Results: With the International Article 41 Review Rules, the true positive ratio (TP), the false positive ratio (FP), the true negative ratio (TN), and the false negative ratio (FN) was 14.0% (208/1486), 31.49% (468/1486) 52.42% (779/1486), and 2.09% (31/1486), respectively. With the help of Laboman 4.2 software (the Sysmex Corporation), 19 rules for review of automated CBC and WBC differential were set up. With our review rules, the TP, FP, TN, and FN was 13.86% (206/1486), 25.17% (374/1486), 58.75% (873/1486) and 2.22% (33/1486), respectively. The review rules were validated, the FN was 0.96%, blasts and immature cells were not omitted.
Conclusions: The review criteria can be developed in light of the rules of the International Consensus Group for Hematology Review, but should be improved depending on different laboratory’s requirements.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2012.120721