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Reference Intervals for Serum Lipids in Coastal Males from Fangchenggang by Xue Qin, Cuiju Mo, Zhiyu Zeng, Zhiping Chen, Yan Deng, Qiliu Peng, Yong Gao, Zhen Yi, Shan Li, Zengnan Mo

Background: We aimed to establish the reference intervals for serum lipids in coastal residents of the Chinese male population.
Methods: A total of 1436 subjects, aged between 19 and 86 years, were selected from the Fangchenggang Area for Male Health and Examination Survey (FAMHES). Reference intervals of serum lipids were measured by enzymatic endpoint colorimetry and infor-mation was obtained using a standard questionnaire.
Results: The total nonparametric reference intervals for TC < 5.95 mmol/L (229.73 mg/dL), TG < 1.80 mmol/L (158.82 mg/dL), HDL-C > 1.90 mmol/L (73.08 mg/dL), and LDL-C < 3.37 mmol/L (130 mg/dL). High serum lipid levels were correlated with older age, higher body mass index (BMI), and more smoking, but not with alcohol con-sumption.
Conclusions: The established reference intervals of serum lipids for coastal Chine-se male residents would be helpful for assessing risk of cardiovascular disease. We recommend establishing population-based reference intervals for serum lipids in clinical laboratories.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2013.121124