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Performance Evaluation of the Automated Morphological Analysis of Erythrocytes by CellaVision DM96 by Imiko Maenou, Yoko Tabe, Hans-Inge Bengtsson, Kiyoshi Ishii, Kazunori Miyake, Yuki Horiuchi, Mayumi Idei, Takashi Horii, Naotake Satoh, Takashi Miida, Akimichi Ohsaka

Background: Automated digital morphology systems are utilized for blood cell morpho-logical examination. The aim of this study is to evaluate the accuracy and efficacy of RBC morphological anomaly screening using the CellaVision® DM96 (DM96) automated image analysis system.
Methods: The automated analysis of RBC shape, size, and chromasia abnormalities was conducted on the DM96 using 478 blood samples. A manual microscopic review was inde-pendently performed.
Results: The DM96 preclassified samples as poikilocytosis-positive for 98% of cases with schistocytosis or echinocytosis, 97% of elliptocytosis, and 92% or 65% of cases that were positive for teardrop cells or for target cells, respectively. The accuracy of the DM96 in the detection of RBC size and chromasia abnormalities of iron deficiency anemia cases was higher than direct microscopic observation.
Conclusions: Automated morphological analysis with the DM96 has potential utility in the morphological screening of RBC anomalies that are associated with disease.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2013.120912