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A Comparison of Two Enzyme Immunoassay Tests for the Detection of IgG Antibodies for Measles Virus by A. González-escalada, P. Marín-garcía, A. Gil-de-miguel, R. Gil-prieto

Background: Despite the reduction in the incidence of measles in recent years, outbreaks have appeared in various countries in Central and Western Europe. Estimating the percentage of immune individuals is fundamental for establishing control strategies in these situations.
Methods: A total of 1,147 serum samples from healthy volunteers were tested by two commercial enzyme immunoassay (EIA) tests that detect antibodies for the measles virus: Enzygnost Anti-Measles Virus/IgG (Siemens, Marburg, Germany) and VIDAS Measles IgG (bioMerieux, Inc.). The following values were calculated for each test: sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values, and likelihood ratios.
Results: Compared to the Enzygnost test, the sensitivity of the VIDAS test was 98.0% and the specificity was 78.1%. The likelihood ratio (LR) values were + 4.48, - 0.025 and +/- 0.17.
Conclusions: The VIDAS Measles IgG test is a quick method with good sensitivity for detecting IgG antibodies for the measles virus compared to the Enzygnost EIA test.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2013.121207