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The Expression of B7-H3 in Circulating CD4+CD25high T Cells, Circulating CD14+ Monocytes and Plasma during Hepatitis B Virus Infection Progression by Jun-Chi Xu, Ming Li, Yuan Ma, Cui-Lin Shi, Xiao-Yan Zhu, Hua-Feng Song, Hui Chen, Chuan-Wu Zhu, Ping Xu

Background: B7-H3 is frequently upregulated in response to autoantigens and pathogens during host T cell immune responses. However, the role of B7-H3 which express in CD14+ monocytes and CD4+CD25high T cells had not been investigated.
Methods: Cytometry and ELISA were used in this study.
Results: The study showed that B7-H3 expression in CD14+ monocytes, CD4+CD25high T cells, and plasma was significantly increased in AHB, CHB, HBV-LC, and HBV-HCC group. In CHB group, the expression of B7-H3 was positively correlated with the ALT and AST levels.
Conclusions: B7-H3 expression in peripheral CD14+ monocytes, CD4+CD25high T cells, and plasma changed with HBV infection progression and had a significant correlation with liver function in CHB. B7-H3 expression could be utilized as a potential clinical indicator to determine the extent of liver injury.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2016.160811