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Interchangeability of Procalcitonin Measurements Using the Point of Care Testing i-CHROMATM Reader and the Automated Liaison XL by Elisabetta Stenner, Giulia Barbati, Nicole West, Fabia Del Ben, Francesca Martin, Maurizio Ruscio

Background: Our aim was to verify if procalcitonin (PCT) measurements using the new point-of-care testing i-CHROMATM are interchangeable with those of Liaison XL.
Methods: One hundred seventeen serum samples were processed sequentially on a Liaison XL and i-CHROMATM. Statistical analysis was done using the Passing-Bablok regression, Bland-Altman test, and Cohen’s Kappa statistic.
Results: Proportional and constant differences were observed between i-CHROMATM and Liaison XL. The 95% CI of the mean bias% was very large, exceeding the maximum allowable TE% and the clinical reference change value. However, the concordance between methods at the clinical relevant cutoffs was strong, with the exception of the 0.25 ng/mL cutoff which was moderate.
Conclusions: Our data suggest that i-CHROMATM is not interchangeable with Liaison XL. However, while the strong concordance at the clinical relevant cutoffs allows us to consider i-CHROMATM a suitable option to Liaison XL to support clinicians’ decision-making; nevertheless, the moderate agreement at the 0.25 ng/mL cutoff recommends caution in interpreting the data around this cutoff.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2018.180133