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Study of Biochemical Changes after Plateletpheresis in Healthy Male Donors by Anwar Borai, Suhad Bahijri, Dalal Baljoon, Abeer Alsofyani, Farzal Anwar, Ayman Saleh, Daad Alrowaili, Gordon Ferns

Background: There is relatively little information about endogenous biochemical changes in a response to plateletpheresis in healthy donors. We aimed to investigate the changes in different biochemical parameters including glycemic status, insulin resistance, iron status, lipid profile, and inflammatory markers after plateletpheresis in healthy male donors with normal glycemic status.
Methods: In this study we enrolled 10 male subjects. The glycemic status in all subjects was assessed using an oral glucose tolerance test pre- and post-plateletpheresis at different time intervals (1, 8, and 22 days). Different biochemical parameters including glucose, HbA1c, insulin, lipids, uric acid, transferrin, ferritin, C-reactive protein, and insulin resistance were measured. Repeated ANOVA was utilized for the purpose of statistical comparison of means between different days.
Results: Fasting glucose, transferrin, cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-C, and LDL-C were significantly altered (-3.9%, p < 0.05; -2.7%, p < 0.05; -3.9%, p < 0.05; 23.9%, p < 0.05; -5.5%, p < 0.01, and -9.2%, p < 0.05, respectively) at day 1 following plateletpheresis. There was a gradual reduction in HbA1c and ferritin levels during the time-course of the study, and by day 22, both were significantly lower (-2.0%, p < 0.01; -18.1%, p < 0.05, respectively) when compared to the pre-plateletpheresis levels.
Conclusions: Post-plateletpheresis, several biochemical parameters may change significantly in healthy donors. The changes were particularly evident on day 1 and 22 after donation. The potential effects of plateletpheresis need to be considered when interpreting biochemical tests.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2018.180321