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Bacteremia Caused by Moraxella Osloensis: a Fatal Case of an Immunocompromised Patient and Literature Review by Min Young Lee, Myeong Hee Kim, Woo In Lee, So Young Kang

Background: Moraxella osloensis rarely causes infection in humans, and most of the reported cases are not fatal. It is often difficult to identify M. osloensis using conventional biochemical methods.
Methods: Here, we report a bacteremia case caused by M. osloensis in a patient with advanced lung cancer who initially presented symptoms of fever.
Results: Blood culture revealed growth of a gram-negative bacterium, which was identified as M. osloensis through 16S rRNA gene sequencing and MALDI-TOF analyses. The patient could not recover from sepsis with empirical treatment.
Conclusions: As M. osloensis can cause serious infections in immunocompromised patients, its prompt identification is important.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2020.200459