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Molecular Mechanism and Anti-Fertility Effect of Plant Complex Sterility Agent on Targeted Gene DPY19L2 in Rats by Chun Shi, Chenxi Yang

Background: Damage caused by rats is a serious hazard to the environment and crop irrigation. It not only results in great damage to the ecological environment, but also seriously affects the growth and yield of crops and forests. Controlling damage caused by rats is the primary task for improving the environment and maintaining ecological balance.
Methods: Basing on the related gene DPY19L2 in the maturation and development of seminal vesicles in rats, our study explored the effect of non-toxic and pollution-free plant complex sterility agent on rat fertility.
Results: The results showed that the plant complex sterility agent could effectively reduce the genital organ index of male rats, change the sperm morphology, reduce the testosterone content and sperm motility, inhibit the expression of spermatogenesis genes DPY19L2, SPATA16, SUN5, and ZPBP, and achieve the effective sterility control of rat pests.
Conclusions: Plant complex sterility agent with high concentration can effectively target rat sperm gene DPY19L2 and realize effective sterility control of rat pests.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2020.200322