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Evaluation of LabType-SSO HLA Typing for HLA-A, -B, -C, -DRB1, and -DQB1 loci by Minjeong Nam, Kiwook Jung, Eun Youn Roh, Sue Shin, Kyoung Un Park, Eun Young Song

Background: For HLA genotyping, PCR sequence-specific oligonucleotide (SSO) methods using the Luminex platform are widely used. We evaluated the performance of LabType-SSO (One Lambda, USA) in Koreans.
Methods: LabType-SSO were performed on 50 residual DNA samples analyzed by sequence-based typing (SBT) for all HLA-A, -B, -C, -DRB1, and -DQB1 alleles with gene frequency > 0.1% in Koreans.
Results: The LabType-SSO results were in complete agreement with SBT at the 2-digit level. For 4-digit level, 9 HLA-A alleles, 1 HLA-B allele, 3 HLA-C alleles, neither HLA-DRB1 nor -DQB1 allele showed ambiguous results for assignment of most probable types considering HLA gene frequency in Koreans. In addition, two cases of DQB1*04:01 allele were incorrectly assigned to DQB1*04:02.
Conclusions: LabType-SSO tests showed accurate assignment of 2-digit level and LabType-SSO HLA-DRB1 test showed correct 4-digit most probable HLA type. The tests can be useful as intermediate resolution typing for solid organ transplantation.

DOI: 10.7754/Clin.Lab.2020.190930