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Rapid DNA Typing of HLA-B27 Allele By Real-Time PCR Using LightCycler Technology by Carsten Tiemann, Angelika Vogel, Bertin Dufaux, Michael Zimmer, Joerg-Ruediger Krone, and Hans-Jochen Hagedorn

For clinical diagnostic routine we developed a fast DNA typing of HLA-B27 by PCR and real-time detection using LightCyclerTM technology. The method combines the sensitivity and specifïcity of PCR with the swiftness of the LightCycler system. The amplification step was performed with a primer set coding for a region in the third exon common to B*2701 to B*2705. The PCR cycles were monitored continuously using the SYBR Green I dye. ß-globin was used as an internal control. An analysis of 32 samples with one PCR run was completed within 40 minutes. After amplification a melting curve analysis permitted the accurate identifïcation of the PCR amplicons. The mean melting temperatures (Tm) were 90.5°C and 87.3°C, which are characteristic for HLA-B27 and ß-globin, respectively. A comparison of 300 samples which were typed for HLA-B27 with a conventional sequencespecific polymerase chain reaction (SSP-PCR) and with the new method demonstrated a perfect correlation (specificity 100%). In summary, the method described is fast, reliable, cost-effective and well adapted for routine laboratory testing.

DOI: Clin. L.ab. 2001;.47:131-134